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Our New Work of Art

Our New Work of Art

Johann and I decided to declare the frame project offi­cially fin­ished. We wanted to keep adding to it, but at a cer­tain point, every new item we tried to put in made another one fall out. We had to get cre­ative just to get the last few finds to stay and keep the old pieces...
Rainbow In A Tube

Rainbow In A Tube

Over the past few years I’ve come up with numer­ous ideas for fun projects to do with Johann, but never seemed to have enough time to do them all. Time still goes on, though, and I decided this sum­mer we need to get some of these extra-curricular projects done soon or we’d never get to them....


  Tai loves her new gloves! I fin­ished them last Tues­day. We had lunch at Thai Sawas­dee, her restau­rant, on Wednes­day. (Best Thai food in south­east­ern Con­necti­cut, by the way!) When I gave them to her, her face lit up. She tried them on right away and showed everyone. Tai’s cousin, Nat, saw the hat...