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The Journal Is Out!

The Journal Is Out!

  The long-awaited arti­cle about Crepidula for­ni­cata L., the slip­per snail, has been pub­lished! I wrote about it before, but wasn’t allowed to post images of my illus­tra­tions until the Jour­nal of Shell­fish Research printed the arti­cle. Dr. Sandy gen­er­ously gave her editor’s copy to Johann. He was thrilled. We were excited to finally see the...
New Adventures in Scientific Illustration

New Adventures in Scientific Illustration

The slip­per snail will be get­ting some good press soon. My first bit of news is that the paper Eric, Johann, and I worked on with Dr. San­dra Shumway and Dr. Evan Ward enti­tled “Obser­va­tions on Feed­ing in the Atlantic Slip­per Limpet, Crepidula for­ni­cata L., with Spe­cial Ref­er­ence to the ‘Mucus Net’ ” will be pub­lished...