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Fun on Main St.

Fun on Main St.

We were out walk­ing the other day and I jok­ingly said that we should stop by our friend’s work­place, jump up out­side the win­dow behind her desk, and sur­prise her. Wouldn’t that be funny? Well, we did it. So here it is.… Yarn and sup­plies — $30.00. Labor costs — $105.00. Sur­pris­ing a friend at work and mak­ing her laugh — priceless....
Fun With Yarn!

Fun With Yarn!

Johann needed a new sweater. Eric needed a new hat. I needed to reduce my stash. At Eric’s request, I made him a jester hat like Johann’s. As I was doing the fin­ish­ing work on that, I threw in the left over yarn with extra yarn from 8 other com­pleted projects for Johann’s sweater. I...