Johann in his fall foliage sweater

Johann’s favorite color is orange. If I could find enough orange clothes, I expect he would be very happy wear­ing only orange every day. So when­ever I am shop­ping for any­thing, be it jour­nals or clothes or yarn, I keep an eye out for all things orange.

When I came across Knit Picks’ Pre­ciosa Gin­ger yarn in all shades of yel­low, orange, and brown, I showed it to Johann. Of course, he’d love a sweater out of it, did I really need to ask? As soon as I could buy it, I did, which is a good thing, because I don’t think they make that yarn any­more. I meant to make it up last year, but got side-tracked by other projects.

I finally knit the sweater last month. The yarn is so soft and warm. Espe­cially when I was sewing the seams and knit­ting the rib­bing for the neck­line, I felt like I had a cozy blan­ket in my lap. The col­ors are per­fect for this time of year. As I knit each part of the sweater, I kept think­ing how I was knit­ting with the col­ors of sugar maples in their fall glory, as if the per­son who spun the wool mag­i­cally took the col­ors from last year’s fall leaves just before win­ter and lov­ingly added them to the wool in order to pre­serve them forever.