Study of Three Onions

Ear­lier this sum­mer I com­pleted the final project for my begin­ner oils class. I chose to paint three onions. I strug­gled with it and the shad­ows are a lit­tle dark, but I think it turned out fairly well over­all for my third oil painting.

My land­scape oil paint­ing class this semes­ter has been so much fun. I have the same teacher and many of the same class­mates as the begin­ner oil paint­ing class I took in the spring. We are work­ing on smaller can­vases and striv­ing to get down the bones of the paint­ing, estab­lish­ing value and shape, since we don’t have time to do much more in a three hour session.

First Landscape Oil Painting with Thumbnail Sketch

I missed the first class last Sat­ur­day, because the pro­gram co-ordinator acci­den­tally told me the wrong time, but my teacher gra­ciously met with me on Mon­day for a make-up class so I wouldn’t be behind today. We met at Ham­monas­set State Park and painted the salt marsh this morn­ing. We drew thumb­nail sketches to come up with a com­po­si­tion we liked, then we started our paint­ings. I got dis­tracted by the lit­tle blue herons, white egrets, and monarch but­ter­flies fly­ing by, but I still man­aged to get a first pass done on my land­scape painting.

Salt Marsh Oil Painting with Thumbnail Sketch

Jan told us in the begin­ners class how she hoped she could con­vert all of us into being plein air painters. I told her it wouldn’t take much to get me into it. I love Nature and paint­ing. What could be bet­ter that putting the two together?