Nature Collage

In look­ing for new ideas for fun activ­i­ties to do with Johann, I saw a wooden frame with pegs and string in Magic Cabin cat­a­log. You weave finds like pinecones and leaves in between the string wound around the pegs. When you’re done, you have your own unique nature col­lage. It made me think of the wall col­lage the sin­gle, artist mother and her son made on their liv­ing room wall in the Walt Dis­ney movie Man of the House, but on a smaller scale. That was some­thing we had room for!

And it’s the per­fect sum­mer project for us. We’ve always gone on “nature walks”. We have amassed a large col­lec­tion of pressed leaves, drift wood, shells, rocks, pinecones, seed pods, dried flow­ers, and moss and lichen-covered tree bark over the years. We have done numer­ous craft projects. One of Johann’s school projects was to cre­ate his own nat­ural his­tory museum and cat­a­log every­thing. We’re still work­ing on that. This was just a new means of con­tin­u­ing what we’ve always done: gone out on walks and for­aged for trea­sures. Plus with this activ­ity we will have a new piece of art to hang on the wall at the same time.

When I went to order the kit, they were sold out. So I decided to make our own. We found all the mate­ri­als at dif­fer­ent stores. Eric pre-drilled the holes for us, after I mea­sured it out and marked the frame. Johann helped me screw in all the wooden knobs. After I wrapped the twine around the pegs, we were ready to go.

I’m not sure why I was wor­ried we would have a hard time fill­ing the frame with items we found on the ground while walk­ing our usual treks. We have only gone on about half a dozen walks since putting the frame together, plus we have spot­ted things in our gar­den or around town we wanted to include in our col­lage, and the frame already looks full. We’ll see how packed it gets by the end of the summer!