CSMonitor weekly magazine in the window

When our friend Annie from Bank Square Books called us a few weeks ago and asked us if we minded doing a phone inter­view with Yvonne Zipp of the Chris­t­ian Sci­ence Mon­i­tor, we quickly agreed. “Any­thing to help the book­store,” was our imme­di­ate reac­tion. Yvonne was research­ing an arti­cle about inde­pen­dent book­stores and was intrigued by the com­mu­ni­ties they have inspired. So the next evening, she called us and spoke to all three of us at length about how we helped Bank Square Books after Hur­ri­cane Sandy, why we love books, and what makes our book­store so special.

We thought that would be it, until Annie called a few days later to give us a heads up. She wanted to be sure we knew that there would be a pho­tog­ra­pher at our next story time meet­ing with her. I’m glad she did or I would have shown up look­ing pretty shabby! They wanted pic­tures of us read­ing with Annie after talk­ing to us and learn­ing that Johann has been going to story time at the book­store since he was 3.

The eagerly antic­i­pated arti­cle was released on Mon­day. We sure didn’t expect one of the pic­tures of us or our inter­view to fea­ture so promi­nently in the arti­cle, but it was excit­ing. And hope­fully it will be good for the book­store. You can read the arti­cle here. Make sure you go out and sup­port your local inde­pen­dent book­store today!

Bank Square Books