Snow is on the ground! Now it feels like win­ter in New Eng­land. Johann got his wish to go sled­ding and have snow­ball fights with dad. I got my wish to make a snow angel. The sky was a bril­liant blue. Lying in the snow had a calm­ing, peace­ful, con­tem­pla­tive effect on me. I love the quiet still­ness of new fallen snow. There is some­thing mag­i­cal about it. Par­tic­u­larly while I was mak­ing the snow angel, I was think­ing of a new friend in Aus­tralia. Enjoy the scenes with­out the frozen fin­gers and toes!

Snow on the trees behind our building.

Mystic Seaport in the snow.

Icicles on a building near the water.

Art Association tree covered in snow.

Berries covered in ice and snow.

Around town in the snow.

Me making a snow angel.

My snow angel.