purple heart baby socks

Dur­ing Hur­ri­cane Sandy, the UCONN Dive Safety Officer’s grand­daugh­ter was born. Eric dives and works with him and asked me to make some­thing spe­cial for the new baby. I designed these pur­ple heart baby socks for her. They turned out so well, I knit a sec­ond pair and listed them at my Etsy store.

pink and lavender fish helmet baby hat

For Christ­mas, the DSO asked me to make a hel­met hat and thum­b­less mit­tens with fish on them using pink and laven­der yarn. I was power knit­ting to get it done, but I am very pleased with the results. The mother and father loved the set. So did the dog. He liked it so much, he ate one of the mit­tens as soon as they opened the present!

Pink and lavender fish thumbless mittens

The father was about to do away with the dog, but the DSO calmed him down and said he’d con­tact me about get­ting a replace­ment. I just fin­ished knit­ting it this morn­ing and blocked it. In exchange, I’m hop­ing they will give me some pic­tures of the baby wear­ing the hat and mit­tens set. It helps to have cute mod­els to show your wares. As soon as we solve our car prob­lems, we can deliver it. Hope­fully the dog won’t be hun­gry for mit­tens this time!