Bluebells and bleeding heart.

I first heard the tra­di­tional song “White Coral Bells” sung by Lau­rie Berkner on one of my son’s CDs when he was little:

White coral bells upon a slen­der stalk.
Lil­lies of the Val­ley deck my gar­den walk.
Oh, don’t you wish that you could hear them ring?
That will only hap­pen when the fairies sing.

Johann loved this song. We sang it together over and over again. He liked to pre­tend fairies were all around us. When­ever I see our blue­bells in bloom, I think of this song, even though they aren’t white Lil­lies of the Val­ley. I like to think the fairies like our gar­den and come to visit. The blue­bells are enchant­ing enough.