Lichen wrist warmers with yarn for future projects.

Here is the new wrist warmer design that I’ve been work­ing on. I wanted to cre­ate a new beaded wrist warmer from the first design I make and sell. I thought of knit­ting the beads inside the cables on the wrist for some time. The prob­lem was that I was unsure of how to fin­ish it off. After search­ing for ideas, I tried at least three dif­fer­ent edg­ings about six dif­fer­ent ways. Noth­ing seemed to work. I did a lot of knit­ting, unknit­ting, and re-knitting. Then the project sat for a while, stewing.

I have always like the color of lichen. It goes with so many other col­ors and yet is more inter­est­ing to me than plain tan or black.  I love col­ors that make me think of Nature. So when I saw this wool in that beau­ti­ful shade, I had to get it. Later when I saw the iri­des­cent beads with gold, laven­der, and the same green in them, I instantly thought of the lichen yarn and knew I’d found a match.

Sev­eral days ago, I looked over at the par­tially fin­ished wrist warm­ers sit­ting in my to-do pile and decided I needed to do some­thing about them. I came up with this sim­ple ruf­fle with beads added in the cast-off round to echo the beads in the rest of the wrist warmer. Although I’m already think­ing of a way to change the ruf­fle for another project, I’m finally sat­is­fied with these cabled wrist warm­ers and will list them on Etsy. Hope­fully some­one else likes them too!